Target Corporation Financial Headquarters

Target Corporation Financial Headquarters

In a four-phase project, Cireon provided the lighting for the campus of the Target Financial Headquarters in   Tempe, AZ.  The project included all outdoor parking, courtyard walkways, a covered parking facility and a   portion of the interior lighting. 

For the outdoor lighting, including poles and wall mounts, Cireon replaced 400W HIDs in 2010 with the Alta Series, Cireon’s first generation site lighting product.      In the walkways, 175W HIDs were replaced with 78W     Alta’s.  For covered parking area, the Tahoe, a first      generation low bay was used. In the interior, the York, Cireon’s 2x2’ troffers were installed. 

Arizona presents one of the most challenging locales for LED lighting, yet the Cireon products, installed in 2010-2012, continue to beautifully light every space.


Target Corporation Financial Headquarters Case Study

"The place looks like a stadium! Cina Brady Target Corporation, Corporate Real Estate Building Operations Manager "