Parking Garage Lighting - Side-By-Side Comparison

parking garage lighting


This is a classic example of the benefit provided by Cireon's proprietary optics for parking garage lighting.  Traditional HID and fluorescent lighting simply can't direct energy as well.

Cireon's Type 5 optic was specifically designed for parking facilities.  The low ceiling height and wide spacing requires significantly more light-energy being directed to the perimeters than straight down.  The soft edges we incorporated make for a uniform overlap down the drive aisle and the wide distribution provides light even up the walls of parking facilities. 

The Everest, Ontario, and Tahoe product lines provide a wide selection of color temperature as well as the ability to incorporate optional integral, over-the-wire, or wireless controls utiliing occupancy sensors, photocells, or a hybrid of both technologies in one. 

With DesignLights Consortium accreditation we've achieved, utility companies are now offering significant incentives.  Whether replacing fluorescent or HID, 100% of Cireon parking facility installations have met the criteria for EPAct federal tax deductions of $0.60 per square foot. Add the linear dimming nature of photocells, that gradually dim the lumainres as daylight enters the facility, and the paybacks are extremely short with ROI's often over 100% per year.