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Retail LED lighting


The Cireon line of office lighting provides a choice six different lighting levels, eight optic selections, and four diffuser selections, with two standard and numerous optional light colors. 

In this application, the customer wanted it extremely bright.  While most offices and conference rooms are in the 40-50 foot-candle range, the level on the conference table (shown right) is at 95 foot-candles.  (Fortunately, the York line provides standard dimming.)

Cireon office lighting is designed to outpuerform all other solid state office lighting on the market.  The inherent difference is in the design.  While the competition provides little or no convection outside of the luminaire housing, the York line delivers conducted heat to cooling fins located ou the outside of the housing.  Without this, other products suffer from the "hot air balloon effect" where the very heat they generate is trapped in their housing.  The loss of light output may not be noticed for a year or more, but that approach significantly shortens the life of the luminaire.

While the York line uses less than half the energy of fluorescent lighting to achieve the same level, additionally incorporating occupancy sensors, photocells, or both in one, provides additional savings.  Using sensors with fluorescent lighting significantly degrades the bulb life while, with Cireon solid state lighting, it actually extends the already long life.