Mall Parking Lot

Orillia Square Mall

Cireon reduced Orillia Square Mall energy usage by 85% in parking lot

Cireon, in collaboration with DayTech LED Inc., completed a retrofit of the Orillia Square Mall’s expansive parking lot in Ontario, Canada. The project received rebates from the Ontario Power Authority and a limited-time rebate from saveONenergy to help underwrite the retrofit. The total cash amount of these rebates was $18,020.00 CAD.


Rather than replacing the numerous 40’ poles on the property, this retrofit involved the removal of the existing flat steel plates on the top of poles, adding new pole tops to the existing poles, and mounting our new Cascade 3-7-T3s to the top of each pole.

As you can see from the photos, our exclusive technology greatly improved the quality of light in this parking lot while simultaneously reducing energy costs.


Orillia Square Mall Case Study