Lakeshore Gardens

Lakeshore Gardens

A New Way Of Seeing For Homeowners In Carlsbad 
Installation of new LED Street Lights and Poles along with new footings. 

Cireon and ADEC, Inc. upgraded 78 lighting fixtures for Lakeshore Gardens Residential Community of Carlsbad, CA. The homeowners collectively qualified for a $3,975 rebate from Express Efficiency Program, a statewide program offering financial incentives to businesses that upgrade a variety of equipment with new, energy-efficient technology. The resulting efforts will yield a $6,120 annual savings for the residential community. 

"As an LED contractor, my company is always on the lookout for the best and most effective solutions to our clients’ problems. The well engineered fixtures from Cireon easily fit our criteria for the most efficient LED products as well as providing excellent customer service to their partners. My company’s association with Cireon makes our job easier. " 
- Harry Stallmach, ADEC, Inc. 

Lakeshore Gardens Mobile Residential Community Case Study