Wall mount LED Products

Wall Mount Aimable Lighting

With Cireon, the sky is not the limit. The Cireon Geneva sheds light where overhead lighting can’t reach.

Mounted to a wall or ceiling, the Geneva pivots in both x and y directions so you can put light precisely where you need it:

  • Into a cabinet or rack
  • Precisely on a workstation
  • Under a car hood
  • Between shelves
  • As additional task lighting
  • Anywhere you need direct lighting.

Multiple power levels and built-in dimmability provide exactly the amount of light you want.  Four standard beam angles and four standard diffusions allow you to concentrate the light precisely where you want. 

Inherently rugged and easily adjusted, the Cireon Geneva is a versatile lighting solution that eliminates the risk of knocking a filament loose and the danger of broken glass. And it far outperforms traditional task lighting: in everyday circumstances, the Geneva can last more than 20 years.

Powerful, focused, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and effective. That’s the Cireon Geneva.