Ultra High Bay Products

Ultra High Bay

In configurations from 106W to, wait for it, 1430W of LED power, the Ventura is simply unmatched in the delivery of light. 

Thermal management is the primary factor in reliability and longevity.  As the name implies, the Ventura’s ventilation design and active cooling moves a ton of air.  The result is LED and driver temperatures well below any other product on the market.  

Adding Cireon’s line of proprietary optics to the most powerful high bay made means very high light levels can be delivered from the highest mounting heights, efficiently and uniformly.  

Integral occupancy sensors are available. In addition, Cireon has partnered with Synapse® to integrate a board-level wireless control solution that is super easy to understand and make the most of.   

When it comes to running cool and delivering unequaled light levels, the Ventura makes all other high bays dim in comparison.