Solid state lighting Thermal Management

Thermal Convection

Thermal Convection is the process in which heat-energy is transferred from the fixture to the surrounding air.  It is primarily a function of two design features, surface area and plenum design.

The greater the surface area, the more convection occurs.  In heat sink design, cooling fins are a design tool used to maximize surface area.

Cireon spent more than a year in the development of our trademark heat sink design. No other heat sink in the industry comes close to the fin geometry in our design.  Combining the frequency and height of the fins is a feat for only the best of extrusion manufacturers. The end result is a surface area of between 13.5 and 18.7in2 for each LED.  Even the best of our competition is less than 1/4 of that.

Still, surface area means nothing without a robust plenum design. The plenum is the fixture’s accommodation of air movement. Creating this is a function of inlet and outlet.  The natural upward movement of warmed air encourages fresh air to be drawn into the heat sink.

A simple comparison between a Cireon product and a competing product shows the superiority of our surface area and plenum design.  In solid state lighting design, thermal management equals longevity. The facts are clear: Cireon’s thermal management leaves the competition in the dark.

LED Thermal Convection