LED lighting manufacturer Cireon Advantage


When it comes to optics, Cireon is unlike any other LED lighting manufacturer.  Rather than accepting the common off-the-shelf products our competitors use,  we developed our own family of optics. We did that for two reasons:

First, our insistence on even distribution of light—to achieve coverage that’s full, uniform, and eye-pleasing—demanded our unique designs. That’s because each LED has its own unique output signature, with varying light distribution and zonal intensity. Cireon’s custom family of optics ensure the highest quality, most attractive uniform lighting possible.

Second, the mounting heights and spacing of the traditional installations we serve vary by application.  We design each of our optics to suit standard installations while addressing the range of lighting layouts.  With clearly defined parameters, our team of imagery specialists has achieved results that are right on the mark, with soft edges that overlap to deliver uniformity both underneath and between the lighting locations.

In some cases, individual optics direct light in the same manner. In others, we use multi-emitter arrays in synergy to provide the optimum result.  Whether round, square, or rectangular, other optics can’t compare.  As our customers will tell you, beautifully uniform light is a Cireon trademark.

LED optics