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Mid Bay

While others will tell you that either a low bay or a high bay will work, we at Cireon know that there’s a big difference between light distribution that works at an 8’ mounting height and light distribution that works at a 24’ mounting height. Cireon is unique in providing not just one, but two mid bay solutions, designed specifically to suit those 12’ to 18’ mounting heights. At any mounting height, you’ll enjoy Cireon’s trademark lighting uniformity.

As with all Cireon products, you also get the best in thermal management. Combining the largest LED spacing with the greatest convective surface area in the industry assures you the longest-lasting products available today.

Unlike traditional technologies, where dimming causes premature bulb failure, with solid state lighting, the more that our luminaires are dimmed the longer they last.  Our Philips Advance power supplies set the standard in dimmability.  Add our integral sensors to depower each luminaire to your desired minimum lighting level, and the added energy savings further shorten the payback on your investment. A Cireon solid state light just may be  the last light you ever own.

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