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Low Bay

Cireon led low bays are efficient, high quality solutions for parking garages, warehouses, service stations and anywhere a wide, uniform distribution is needed.

Cireon led low bays deliver the best in thermal management—and the greatest savings in cost. That’s because Cireon led low bays combine the largest LED spacing, the greatest convective surface area, and the most advanced heat sink in the industry, assuring you of the longest-lasting and most energy-efficient lighting available.

Our line of proprietary optics expand upon the unique output signature of the Philips Luxeon LED, delivering uniform coverage from narrow to wide, and from round to square to rectangular outputs—without having to relocate your lights or redesign your layout.

The Philips Advance power supplies are thermally protected, and provide superior power factor correction with minimal harmonic distortion. All are 0-10V dimmable, for compatibility with dimmers, photocells, and occupancy sensors.

Advance power supplies set the standard in dimmability.  Add our integral sensors to depower each luminaire to your desired minimum lighting level, and the added energy savings further shorten the payback on your investment.



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