CIREON products are recognized for long-lasting reliability, beautifully uniform light distribution and unparalleled customization to fit your precise needs. Long-lasting LEDs deliver huge savings in energy use and maintenance. To further compound your savings, Cireon pairs the highest-quality components with the most robust thermal management in solid state lighting. Unlike some others, we don’t shave costs on our LEDs.

There’s cost savings, and then there’s value. Cireon optics are designed to provide uniformity, coverage, and soft edges to illuminate environments in ways that please the eye. Increased productivity, safety, reduced eye fatigue, and colors that “pop” are just some of the additional benefits that quality lighting adds to the bottom line.

While every one of Cireon’s units has been designed from the ground up for specific applications, our inherently modular design makes customization easy. No other solid state lighting manufacturer can say the same. And our insistence on manufacturing long-lasting luminaires ensures that the only cost-saving we’re focused on is yours.