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From showrooms to warehouses, from big box retail to manufacturing plants, for industrial LED that completely eliminates parts, labor, and disposal costs, Cireon LED High Bay Lighting add up to a zero-maintenance solution with tremendous cost savings.

Traditional high bay lighting systems are notoriously wasteful—and are often the single biggest energy waste in large facilities. While it’s rarely feasible to generate the power they require with a renewable energy source, replacing them with solid state lighting provides the greatest opportunity for energy savings and environmental impact available to a commercial facility.

Cireon LED High Bay Lights begin with the highest quality componentry in the industry, pairing wafer-bonded Philips Luxeon LEDs with the engineering depth of the Philips Advance power supplies to deliver the most robust engine in the industry. Plus, the largest LED footprint of any leading manufacturer, combined with the greatest surface area in heat sink design, provides four times’ more convective surface area per LED than the next closest competitor, making high bay worries (and costs) a thing of the past. 

How do we evenly light large spaces while greatly reducing energy costs? Our proprietary optics combine multi-emitter arrays to direct light energy in proportion to the distance it travels toward each area in the target zone.  With this, the Cireon family of high bay optics, designed specifically to the unique output signature of the Luxeon LED, deliver a uniformity that’s impossible with off-the-shelf solutions.  Plus, in the presence of natural light from skylights or windows, our integral photocells automatically adjust your luminaires to maintain a consistent lighting level.

And, whether for area or aisle-way, our integral occupancy sensors, for mounting heights up to 45’, dim the luminaires to your desired minimum level for additional savings not feasible with traditional lighting.



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