Commercial led Green Impact

Cireon:  Save Money. Save the Planet.

Supplementing Trees

Converting to Cireon saves up to 75% on energy costs and eliminates maintenance—all while helping the environment.

Replacing just one 400 watt metal halide bulb (HID) with a 159 watt Cireon high bay reduces carbon emissions by approximately two thousand pounds per year. A mature tree offsets about 500 pounds of carbon emissions in a year. Converting a facility of fifty 400 watt HIDs to Cireon high bays is the equivalent of adding 2000 mature trees to our planet’s fight against climate change.  This one facility would reduce carbon emissions at the same rate as roughly 20 acres of densely packed forest. 

With about 30% of the nation’s total energy consumption attributed to commercial lighting, imagine the global impact offered by choosing solid state lighting. 

Preserving Essential Darkness

Light pollution is more than just a waste of energy. 

Nesting, migration, and feeding habits of numerous species of wildlife are affected by “sky glow.” The unidirectional nature of our solid state lighting technology provides a “full cutoff” output.  The widest Cireon optic still puts zero measurable light above 80°.  The Dark Skies initiative is aggressively pursuing full cutoff lighting to enhance the beauty of our night skies and protect our wildlife. Every Cireon product supports this effort.

Eliminating Deadly Mercury

Mercury, one of the deadliest toxins known to humankind, is both a byproduct of energy production and an element used in all traditional light bulbs.  Metal halide, sodium, and fluorescent light bulbs all contain mercury, which is defined as hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Cireon is committed to environmental protection and preservation. All Cireon products are manufactured using lead-free solders and contain no mercury or heavy metals.

Visit the EPA’s website at  to learn more about the environmental impact of mercury contamination.  See Cireon’s Sustainability Policy to learn more about our efforts to help the planet.