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Drop-In Troffers

The York balances aesthetics with economy and selection.

With five output levels, four standard diffusers, and multiple white light colors, you can configure the York to the environment you want to create.  The recessed design provides a “quiet,” uninterrupted ceiling, while adding to the architectural significance of your space. The white powder-coated finish is standard, with a large assortment of optional colors available at little to no extra cost.

With a mere 53 watts, the York 2-3 delivers more light than a 32W fluorescent fixture with three bulbs (which draws more than 120W total at a conservative 80% efficiency).   The York is not only energy-efficient, it’s cost-effective, with none of the maintenance associated with the cost of new bulbs, of labor to change them, or of hazmat disposal and EPA compliance.

Unlike fluorescents, York drop-in troffers are dimmable. That’s because every York is fitted with a dimmable Philips Advance power supply.  To achieve even further savings, use the Yorks with our flush-mounted photocells or occupancy sensors (which are impractical with fluorescent lighting).



Drop-in troffers