Solid state lighting LED Products

Custom Solutions

Cireon’s inherently modular design provides a myriad of solutions that can be suited to your specific needs. No other solid state lighting manufacturer can say the same.

For example, in large venues such as arenas and convention centers, it’s essential to keep energy use low while providing lighting that meets demands that shift with the calendar. Our design shown below includes low lighting capability and other features customized intentionally for such sites.  Flip the breaker switch once and this system illuminates at a lower level, for those days when the venue simply doesn’t need full power. Switch it off and on again within five seconds for full brightness—no dimmers or peripheral controls needed.

Sometimes a specific LED application requires preserving darkness. The photo above shows an extremely low color temperature for use in areas adjacent to observatories.  This approach also provides a narrow spectrum lighting that is invisible to sea turtle hatchlings, preventing their attraction to hostile inland habitats.

The Philips Luxeon line provides options in numerous color temperatures and wavelengths, from infrared to ultraviolet, and, with LEDs of varying wavelengths, there are thousands of possible LED applications. Add Cireon’s modular design; range of beam angles; and integrated, wired, or wireless controls for a lighting system that lights what you need, when you need, and how you need it.

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