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Component Quality

The performance, reliability and longevity of your LED system relies heavily on the quality of its component parts. Because Cireon is dedicated to bringing the absolute best LED lighting systems to our customers, we are not beholden to any one brand of components, and we never will be.

After evaluating all of the leading LED manufacturers, it is clear that the Philips Luxeon line of products, with thousands of times the bond surface area of comparable fixtures, provides the most reliable LED. Out of the millions of applications of Luxeon products in our company's history, we have only ever seen three bond failures. And in the extremely rare instance of a bond failure, the wafer-bond of a Luxeon instrument allowed the other LEDs in the circuit to continue to burn . Conversely, a failed wire bond (a feature of many non-Luxeon fixtures) will take the entire string out with a single failure.

LED quality is also a function of performance. After evaluating and building luminaires using LEDs from the other leading manufacturers, there is no doubt that the Luxeon's light output is richer and more uniform than their competitors. All around, the Luxeon line is simply the best LED on the market. And you don't need to take our word for it - ask us for a LM-79 report which confirms this fact from the hand of one of the rivals to the Philips Luxeon series. Furthermore, LM-80 testing confirms that Luxeon maintain their output and color better than all other manufacturers.

Incorporating the best in solid state lighting components is just one of the methods that keeps Cireon light years ahead.

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