Cireon Advantage

Cireon products are recognized for long-lasting reliability and beautifully uniform light distribution. 

Solid state lighting is inherently efficient, consuming less than half the power of fluorescent and less than a quarter of halide and sodium lighting. LED technology is also maintenance free, so your savings continue to grow.

There’s cost savings, and then there’s value. Cireon optics are designed to provide uniformity, coverage, and soft edges to illuminate environments in ways that please the eye. Increased productivity, safety, reduced eye fatigue, and colors that “pop” are just some of the additional benefits that quality lighting adds to the bottom line.

To further compound your savings, Cireon pairs the highest-quality components with the most robust thermal management in solid state lighting.

Many utility companies offer substantial rebates for LED lighting upgrades and we at Cireon pride ourselves in securing the greatest possible rebates for our customers.  In fact, just last year, one of our clients received a rebate from Rocky Mountain Power Utility Company that covered 80% of their total retrofit. That particular project ended up paying for itself in just five month and will continue to save our client money for decades to come. Contact us today and speak to a specialist about rebate opportunities in your area.

Learn more about how Cireon outpaces the competition in LED technology: