Solid state lighting Cireon Advantage

Thermal Management

In a Solid State Luminaire (SSL), the lower the operating temperature of the LED, the longer it maintains its high output.   A quality LED maintains its output longer at the same temperature.  The ability of the LED to do this is verified in LM-80 testing, a standard test method used by every reputable LED manufacturer.  Without LM-80 data, there is no way to determine how long the LED will last at any temperature. 

Thermal management is a function of load and capacity.  The load is the measurable rate at which heat-energy is being introduced, and the capacity is the rate at which it can be exchanged (in our case, with the ambient air).  As a result, longevity relies upon a combination of the LED (LM-80 results), the power (watts), and the thermal capacity of the fixture. 

In solid state lighting performance, thermal capacity is a function of two things:

  • thermal conductivity, or the ability of the fixture to conduct the heat-energy from the LED junction to the outer surface; and
  • thermal convection, or the ability of the fixture to exchange the heat-energy with the ambient air. 

See our Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Convection pages, or read our white paper to learn why, when it comes to thermal management, Cireon is light years ahead of the competition.

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