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Cireon is proud to introduce the Super-Ventilated Olympic Canopy Fixture, a new outdoor LED luminaire that will bring beautiful light to your outdoor space. These luminaires are perfect for gas stations, covered walkways, and other large outdoor areas where light sources are mounted more than 12 feet above the ground.

Most canopy luminaires are designed to be installed in the existing fixtures or housings – we designed the Olympic Canopy Fixture to be mount flush against a ceiling or overhang. This unique attribute will allow fresh air to flow to the unit’s heat sink and driver ensuring the proper ventilation of your system. The Olympic also has built-in ventilation ports which allow heat to dissipate more quickly than competing luminaries. And as we all know: the cooler the systems runs, the longer it will last.

The Olympic is available in a wide range of wattages and optic options and can replace up to 400W of traditional MH/HID lighting.



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