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Area and Site

Whether it’s parking garage lighting, parking lot lighting, or outdoor LED lighting that you need, the Cireon design provides the longest life with our trademark coverage and uniformity.

Here’s why other systems can’t compare. Other outdoor LED lights rely upon one of two designs, both of which result in inherently shortened luminaire life. One of these designs exposes the luminaire’s heat sink from above—risking overheating due to debris (especially bird droppings) blocking convection.  The other design is even worse:  completely enclosing the heat sink in a housing, with no consideration to convection and proper thermal management. 

The Cireon Alta and Summit family of area lighting offer the only combination of a ventilated design and inherent bird/debris protection in the industry.  Our low inlet, high outlet plenum design appropriately protects the heat sink while shielding from debris.

This technology is only part of our dramatic difference. Cireon has also engineered proprietary optic distributions to support all traditional roadway and parking lot layouts.  Multiple color temperatures are available to suit your aesthetic tastes and, with three power levels replacing 150w to 400W traditional HIDs, eliminating the routine expense of the bucket truck will put savings straight to your bottom line. The multitude of pole and wall mounting options we offer means that there’s a Cireon product to suit virtually all your area and outdoor LED lighting needs. 

Ready to see the impact of Cireon outdoor LED lights? Call or email us for a photometric plot of your site, or visit one of our installations to see the amazing coverage Cireon delivers.



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