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Troffer Kits

Once again, Cireon delivers the best product design in class.  This time, the troffer replacement class.  The coolest running product with the highest quality componentry all in a beautiful design that is, by far, the easiest to install.   

The Aura starts with aluminum core LED boards (yes, that’s right) and an actual heat sink that, together, operate the LEDs at an amazing sub 40oC. This is also in part due to the unique design that, once assembled, squeezes the aluminum core boards to the aluminum heat sink.  

Of course form follows function, and the Aura incorporates a diffused white finish to allow the LED to be completely eliminated from direct sight, at any possible angle, while delivering light beautifully and efficiently.  

With no need to lift the existing unit or adjacent tiles, installation is a lot less.  And that translates to a better product at a lower cost.