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At Cireon, we design and manufacture the optimum lighting systems for commercial and industrial use,  with cutting-edge technologies and processes that greatly reduce your costs while helping the planet.


Our philosophy: To build the best lighting, gather the best people. Our team is comprised of the leading experts in solid state lighting, LED technology and related fields. Working with Hewlett Packard Optoelectronics, our founder co-developed the first-ever surface-mount LED in 1988. Optics engineering is led by a PhD recognized for leadership in defense and satellite surveillance imagery. In manufacturing and quality control, we apply expertise that has achieved world-class PPM levels in airbag crash sensor and disk drive technology. In every discipline, our people are light years ahead.


The Cireon name is derived from the Latin word for “eternal flame.” That speaks to our commitment to the most important performance metric:  longevity. Cireon products are built to excel in demanding conditions, with negligible light loss, for many years to come. We won’t compromise when it comes to delivering the best of the best in performance and reliability.


To bring change, a product has to also make financial sense. That’s why Cireon is committed to maintaining competitive prices that deliver the optimum value for our customers. Cireon’s 21st century flat marketing structure eliminates the multi-level markups prevalent in the lighting industry. With Cireon, you simply get more product per dollar.


Everyone makes promises. So do we. But we’re serious about ours.

At Cireon, we stand behind everything we do, and we deliver on every promise. In an industry driven toward the single sale, we’re committed to bringing the truth to lighting.

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